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Normal-temperature adsorption air purifier@MODEL-JAR

Normal-temperature adsorption air purifier@MODEL-JAR

The JAR series of air purifier is primarily used for steppers, the zero gas for automobile emissions measurement, and fuel cell gas purification.


  1. Provides a lineup of gas purifiers of the ordinary-temperature adsorption type.( The reaction column is operated at high temperature.)
  2. Achieves reduction of the concentration of impurities to 1 ppb or less with the aid of our originally developed catalyst.
  3. Consistently provides stable, high-purity air with the aid of automatic switching between two (2) or more reactor columns.
  4. Achieves lower running costs due to the self-regeneration type absorber.
  5. Allows removal of NOx, THC, and VOC.
  6. The oxygen concentration before and after gas purifying does not change.
  7. Sizes larger than those listed may e available optionally.

Equipment specifications

Model JAR-3E JAR-6E JAR-9E
Standard flow rate
3 6 9
Dimensions W×D×H(mm) 1,200×650×1,800 1,400×800×1,700 1,800×900×1,800
Weight(kg) 450 640 700

Equipment performance

Model JAR
Applicable gas AIR
Inlet Outlet
Max. pressure(MPa) 0.8 ⊿0.1 or less
Temp. 5`35 5`35
CO 2,000 …1
CO2 500,000 …1
H2 2,000 …1
THC(CH4) 2,000 …1
H2O 1,780,000 …1
NOx 3,000 …1
Particle   †0.1µm

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Normal-temperature adsorption gas purifier
Normal-temperature adsorption gas purifier

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