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Adsorption and regeneration detoxifying equipment MODEL-WGE

Adsorption and regeneration detoxifying equipment  MODEL-WGE

This equipment is wet-type detoxification equipment for use in the etching process.
It detoxifies CI2, HBr, BCI3, HCI, HF, F2, SiF4 and other target gases to or below a TLV (threshold limit value) that was not possible with conventional wet-type detoxification.


  1. Because the adsorption columns are regenerated with water, the catridge lifetimes are long.
  2. Causes no alkali pollution because it uses only water.
  3. Reduces running costs due to the lower water consumption.
  4. Provides proper protection against possible clogging with the improved air and liquid contact sections.
  5. Continuous detoxification is possible by automatic switching between the operating adhesion columns.

Equipment specifications

Decomposition column model Max. working flow rate
Approx. dimensions
WGE-60 60 1,350×1,100×1,800
WGE-120 120 1,600×1,400×1,950
WGE-220 220 1,750×1,400×2,000

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram

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