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July 1962
Japan Pure Hydrogen Co., Ltd. is established as a wholly-owned unit of Japan Gas Chemical Co., Inc. Currently Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc. Operations are started with the manufacture and sale of high-purity hydrogen separators based on the technology for the patented method of permeation through a palladium alloy membrane. Initial capitalization of 35 million yen.
August 1966
Osaka branch office is opened.
August 1967
Hiratsuka Plant is established. Manufacture and sale of various gas purifiers is started based on the application of the holding company's technologies for catalyst and adsorption.
January 1978
Body warmers (disposable body warmers) are developed using the heat generated when iron powder becomes oxidized based on the applied technology of our original catalyst technology, and put on the market under the brand name of "HOKARON" from Lotte Denshi, Inc.
August 1980
Capital base is boosted to 100 million yen
October 1980
Monopoly of GRAFT CARBONR (flat heating elements)is started under the tie-up with the affiliated company Ryoyu Industrial Corporation.
Changed corporate name to JAPAN PIONICS CO., LTD
April 1981
JP Service Ltd. is established <Currently JAPAN PIONICS Services CO., LTD.>
April 1984
Self-contained respiratory apparatus (oxygen mask for emergency evacuation) is developed and commercialized based on our original chemical technologies, and put on sale under the brand name of CHEMRES® as the performance-certified product of the Fire Protection Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.
October 1985
Hiratsuka Plant is renewed. Capitalization increased to 200 million yen.
July 1993
Hiratsuka Laboratory is opened.
April 1995
KOREA PIONICS CO., LTD. <KPC Corp.> is set up as a joint venture with K.C .Tech CO., LTD. in South Korea to serve as the Korea facility for the manufacture and sale of purifiers and waste gas cleaners.
December 1996
Kyushu Business Office is established.
April 1999
A joint venture SHANGHAI PURITIC CO., LTD. is set up in Shanghai to be responsible for piping work for gas supply systems in China.
February 2001
Isehara Plant started operations.
May 2010
Head office is relocated to Hiratsuka. Capital 400 million yen.
May 2014
Capital 300 million yen.